Our Top Tips for Terrific Trades

We would all like to think that our houses are infallible, but every now and again we get caught out.  We arrive home from a holiday with two tonnes of washing to find a flooded machine, the heating decides to cut out on the coldest day of the year, or we see an uninvited guest scuttling across the kitchen floor! Whether it’s an emergency or you just fancy a bit of an upgrade, we have compiled our list of our top trades for every occasion, so take a browse and keep these guys in mind next time you find yourself in a spot of bother.



Gatehouse handle all round property maintenance. You know you’re on to a good thing when one of your tenants doesn’t just ask you to get a workman out but to “dispatch the majestic Paul”. Now, we can’t quantify exactly what makes Paul so majestic (or guarantee that we won’t get in trouble for calling him so), but we do know that no matter how bizarre the problem or obscure the job, Paul figures out exactly what needs to be done. He has gone the extra mile on more occasions than we can count and always gets the job done with efficiency and to a high standard. A firm favourite in the office and with our tenants.


Trinity Domestics

Trinity have someone for everything; any appliance, any fault – they have the knowhow. They do everything from small repairs to complete appliance replacement, taking the hassle out of broken appliances and time consuming waits for deliveries. With a great service both in the office and on location, an easy to use online booking system and appointment reminders, Trinity are well organised and provide a great all-inclusive service.



Jake is our guy for gas. There’s no messing around or confusing double talk where you have to Google every other word to have any idea of what’s going on. Just a fair assessment, sound advice, and good service. Whether it’s a gas safety certificate, an unexpected leak, or an emergency repair, Jake is always on hand to help. It’s why we’ve been working with him for so long. Put simply, he’s reliable and great at what he does – can’t ask for more than that!


Goodness Cleaners

We may have only been working with Goodness for around a year but it’s fair to say he has made an impression. It’s not just that Goodness and his cleaners are hard working, (that would be too much of an understatement). What really makes Goodness different is the incredible work ethic and positive attitude that he brings in to the office. Goodness Cleaners undertake everything from deep cleans to weekly spruces, offices to residential, to be entirely honest we have no idea how he fits everything in to 24 hours but are always impressed with the standard of clean at the end of the day.



When it comes to pest control, there’s nothing Billy hasn’t seen. Mice, bees bedbugs, fleas… no matter what unwanted guests have taken up residence in your home we know Billy has all the intel to ensure they don’t stay too long.

We have been using Aacorn exclusively and consistently since 2002 and have found the service he offers to be thorough; including both investigation and prevention advice, great response times, and follow up visits where necessary. It may not be the most glamorous job, but for those in need it’s a pretty important one.


We get it, no one ever really wants to have these trades over, but it’s a comfort to know that if you do you can rely on them to get the job done efficiently, reliably and with as little unnecessary stress for you as possible! Factotum really couldn’t function without them.

And it may be a cliché but remember – a cup of tea is never going to go amiss!