Tenants’ FAQ

Finding the perfect property can be difficult. Factotum have been managing property properly since 1985 and are on-hand to answer any questions or concerns. Hopefully, our Tenants FAQ below should answer any queries. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a Long Term Let?

These are ‘short-assured’ tenancies, no less than 6 months in duration, or company lets. They are best suited to professionals, students, families or companies. Prices quoted for Long Term lets represent the monthly rental and do not include council tax or utilities (which are transferred into the tenant’s name).

What is a Short Term Let?

Designed for short stays between one and five months. Typical lets include extended holidays or accommodation for short term contract workers, temporary housing or just a welcome alternative to an extended hotel stay. Prices quoted represent the monthly rental and are inclusive of Council Tax and reasonable use of utilities (which remain in the Landlord’s name).

What is a Holiday let?

A Holiday Let is designed for tourists or passing visitors to Edinburgh, staying for one to four weeks. These lets are charged at the weekly price and include Council Tax, reasonable use of utilities with towels and bed-linen provided. Holiday Lets in Edinburgh are popular during Christmas, Hogmanay, six-Nations Rugby and other sporting events that take place in and around Edinburgh.

What is a Festival Let?

For short stays from one to six weeks during the months of July and August for visitors to the Edinburgh Festival. These lets are charged at the weekly price and include Council Tax, reasonable use of utilities, with towels and bed-linen provided.

Where can I find Factotum’s Potential Tenant forms?

Our Potential Tenant Forms are available here. This file is a PDF format document. Mac users should be able to open this without any additional software. Windows users may need to download an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat to view the form.

What is the deposit for a Long Term let?

The Deposit is normally equal to one month’s rent. In some circumstances, for instance if pets are allowed, the deposit can be increased to two months’ rent.

What is the deposit for a Short Term let?

The Deposit for a Short Term let is normally equal to one month’s rent.

What is the deposit for a Holiday / Festival let?

The deposit during these lets is normally equal to one week’s rent.

What is the deposit for, and who holds it during my let?

Deposits are required to cover any damage, breakages or losses discovered at the end of the tenancy. Factotum will do their best to ensure swift return of all deposits, however if there are disputes, this may delay the process. All deposits are held ‘in trust’ by Factotum in a Clients’ Account.

How do I apply for a Long Term Property?

Factotum require all long term tenants to complete an application form and provide two written references, normally from a current landlord and employer. Guarantors, usually parental, are sought for student lets and for tenants under the age of 25.

Please click here to download our Potential Tenancy application form.

How to extend or leave your contract?

Tenants can not presume to prolong their stay or shorten their contract without prior agreement from the Landlord or Factotum. Please call the office to discuss any contractual modifications or change of individual circumstances.

How do I pay my rent?

You can pay by cash, card, cheque, or standing order. You can also pay online. A credit card charge of 1.75% (2% for web payments) normally applies. Factotum require cleared funds in our account prior to your move in date. Only cash, bankers drafts, debit and credit card payments will be considered as cleared funds on the day you move in. Keys will not be issued without cleared funds. Unfortunately Factotum cannot accept American Express.

What Agency fees might be charged?

For all Short Assured Tenancies under the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988, (normally for six months or longer) it is illegal (only in Scotland) to charge tenants any fees other than rent or deposit.

For all other lets: Short Term Lets, Holiday Lets, an agency fee of £75.00 per agreement plus VAT is usually applied. For Company lets this is a fee of £75.00 per tenant.

If considerable extra work is undertaken on behalf of the tenant, this can be negotiated separately. Any works carried out on behalf of the tenants such as cleaning, linen services, tenant breakages etc., will incur a factoring charge of 15% plus VAT. We regret that we cannot provide such services to our long term tenants as it is illegal (only in Scotland) for us to accept any remuneration.