Apply for a Tenancy

Tenant Application

We do not insist on full credit checks for our tenants, though we can run these if landlords request it. The application process is below:

How to Apply

To apply for a tenancy at one of Factotum’s properties, please complete and return our Tenant Application Form.

In order for your application to be successful, each prospective tenant must complete the form in full.


If you are a student and/or under 25, a parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the guarantor form unless otherwise advised by Factotum. This means that they commit to paying the rent and honouring the terms of agreement if you are unable or fail to do so.

Guarantors do not have to be based in the UK but must be aware that they will be liable for all costs incurred by those that they guarantee.


In addition to the potential tenant forms you will need to provide two written references. E.g. from current landlord and current employer.  These must be full written references, on headed paper or a corporate email address.  References from friends, handwritten references, and references that cannot be traced, will not be accepted.

If you currently have a mortgage, or make regular payments we can accept proof of these payments. If you are a student we can accept a reference from your university/director of studies.

Proof of ID

We require proof of identity. Examples of suitable forms of identification are:
1. Passport or national ID card; Visa or other government ID proof;
2. Photo Driver’s License or student ID card;
3. Please also have your National Insurance Number to hand (if available) or entitlement to work proofs.